Howard Student Finds Rude Surprise in Dinner

Freshman wants to cancel his meal plan after finding something he didn’t order in a sandwich.

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Let's take a break from the doom-and-gloom economic stories that grab headlines in college news. Let's step back from the intense athletics stories that we talk about all the time. Let's get bugged out instead.

A Howard University student said he found a new six-legged friend crawling out of his sandwich on Sunday night, prompting possible legal action and a whole lot of nausea, the Howard student newspaper, the Hilltop, reports. Lamar Smith, a freshman, plans to contact the Department of Health and the corporate offices of Sodexho, the dining company that operates on Howard's campus. Smith also wants out of his meal plan.

(Can you blame him? I doubt he ordered a bug sandwich.)

"This is nasty. There are over 2,000 students that eat here everyday," Smith tells the Hilltop. "If there's one bug, there's more."

Meanwhile, Howard's Sodexho contingent is conducting an investigation of the incident.

"We do have a pest control service that does come and service the cafeteria," Sodexho General Manager Eric Brown tells the Hilltop. "It's hard to say where it came from and if in fact it was an insect. We will take greater cautions to identify the source of where it came from, and it will be eliminated."

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