Yale Surprised by Inclusion on Iran’s Blacklist

An Iranian intelligence agency says that Yale is part of a conspiracy against the Islamic republic.

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Yale was taken aback after seeing its name on a blacklist released by an Iranian intelligence agency. The blacklist includes 60 groups that are allegedly part of an anti-Iran conspiracy backed by Britain, Israel, and the United States.

Experts say the whole thing is product of Iranian paranoia, the Yale Daily News reports, and school officials are shocked at their institution's inclusion. Yale President Richard Levin says he has no clue why Yale is on the list. Officials say they hope it doesn't hurt Iranian students' chances of matriculating to Yale—although it's already difficult to get a visa to the United States from Iran, the report says.

"We don't have any official explanation," University Secretary and Vice President Linda Lorimer tells the Daily News, "since obviously the Iranian authorities are not indicating the basis for the inclusion of certain organizations and not others."

A fun fact about the list: Yale is the only entire school listed. Certain programs at certain schools are named, but no other entire institution made the list.

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