University of California Considers Wait List for First Time

There has never been a wait list to get into the California system, but there could be soon.

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The University of California may be on the brink of a radical change.

For the first time in the history of the University of California system, prospective students in the near future may be put on a wait list, the Daily Californian reports. The idea is that a wait list will give the 10-school system more flexibility during the admissions process, a necessity given its financial instability. The ability to increase or decrease enrollment depends on state funding.

The University of California Board of Regents met in San Francisco yesterday and expressed the need for a "coordinated lobbying effort" directed at the state Legislature to get the funding the university needs.

"I think, once again, you have a budget you can't believe in," UC Regent Richard Blum tells the Californian. "I don't think half the stuff is going to come true. We have to be up there [in Sacramento] as regents, as administrators, and as students."

There's interest from at least one regent in rolling back the 32 percent fee increase if the university gets its desired funding, the report says. Others said that the rollbacks should wait until the system's finances are on stronger ground.

In all, the takeaway from the regents' meeting was simple: The University of California has to make its presence felt in Sacramento.

"We should be in touch with every legislator, particularly those who are up for re-election," Blum says. "[We need to] find out who is on our side and who is not on our side and, if they are not on our side, find out how we can support their opponent."

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