The Heat Is Back on at Florida

It’s been cold in the Sunshine State this winter, so it was a bad time for Florida’s heat to go out.


It's hard to feel bad for Florida when my winters regularly include snowstorms and below-freezing temperatures. But it's been a pretty chilly winter in the South, too. That's why the heat being out at the University of Florida was a bit of a hassle for students.

But don't worry, the heat is back on at the Gainesville school, just in time for this week's warmer temperatures, the Independent Alligator reports. The cogeneration plant that heated the university went out before the second semester started. A backup system was used to heat the school, but the results were poor. 

One student tells the Alligator that the dormitories weren't too chilly but that classrooms were. 

"It was pretty miserable," Katrina Sharp tells the Alligator. "I didn't want to take my jacket off. I actually preferred the buses because they were much warmer." 

Soon, it may not matter: Temperatures at the end of the week in Gainesville are expected to hover around 70. 

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