A Late Christmas Gift for Harvard

Indonesian corporation’s donation is one of the five largest in school history.


Christmas came late for Harvard University: The institution's prominent Kennedy School received the fifth-largest gift in school history, the Harvard Crimson reports. The $20.5 million donation came from the PT Rajawali Corp., an Indonesian conglomerate, and it will be used for research on Indonesia.

"It's a testament to the vision and the forward thinking of a lot of people in Indonesia that ... despite all the political problems, despite all the natural disasters and other crises, there are people thinking about how to move the country forward politically," Julian Chang, the executive director of the Rajawali Foundation Institute, tells the Crimson.

According to the report, the Kennedy School will be able to dedicate new staff to Indonesian research and will work with Indonesian politicians and academics. Indonesian students will be encouraged to enroll in programs at the Kennedy School as well.

"This gives us the opportunity to leverage what we've been doing in China and Vietnam to help the Indonesian government to think about their progress moving forward," Chang says. "We can link Indonesia to other countries in the region in ways that they may not have linked before."

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