Calling for Year-End Honors Nominations

We're looking for candidates for best story of the year, biggest newsmaker, and more.

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It's the time of the year when people dole out awards and honors for things that occurred over the past 12 months. We're joining the show: We're looking for nominations for our fourth annual end-of-year awards. The list includes Story of the Year, Newsmaker of the Year, Alternative Media Outlet of the Year, and Best Nonstory of the Year.

In previous years, we've handed out these awards after your voting. But first, we need candidates for the 2009 awards. So, by category, let's get the nominations rolling in. Send all choices to We'd like to have all nominations in our possession by January 4. Once we have those, we'll start the voting on January 8, leaving it up for a week to get a totality of votes.

Story of the Year

What was the biggest story of the year for colleges? There was the 32 percent fee hike in California, the Annie Le tragedy at Yale University, the Charlie Weis saga at Notre Dame, and so much more. It was a long, crazy year. And we expect a lot of nominations for this category.

Newsmaker of the Year

Who made the biggest splash this year?

Alternative Media Outlet of the Year

Which magazine, website, or other alternative campus media venture did a great job this year? We know how hard on-campus student newspapers work, but the alternative options don't get a lot of credit. Here's their chance to shine.

Best Nonstory of the Year

What stories made you immediately cringe but constantly got press? This category usually awards a story that really had no legs but still kept going.