NCAA Investigates Tennessee Football

Unusual timing of investigation gains national attention amid usual BCS controversy in December.

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There have been plenty of NCAA investigations of college sports programs over the years, but the NCAA's inquiry into the University of Tennessee football team's recruiting has caught the attention of many. Not only does the investigation come at an unusual time, but it also has some intriguing details.

The NCAA is focusing on the use of "recruiting hostesses" by the school, the New York Times reports. The hostesses reportedly traveled hundreds of miles to see high school football prospects who were being recruited by Tennessee play. The report says that it's not clear if the university sent the hostesses to visit the players.

In its statement on the inquiry, the university refers to the Orange Pride, one of three student groups that assist the school's admissions office.

"We are concerned about the alleged activities of some members of the Orange Pride," a statement UT's website says. "Both university and NCAA guidelines are a part of the Orange Pride's orientation and training. If those guidelines were violated, we will take appropriate action. Because of federal student privacy regulations, we can't comment further."

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