Amazon to Make Kindle Blind-Accessible

Complaints from schools drove the company to create new Kindles for clients.

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Last month, Syracuse University and the University of Wisconsin expressed concern that Amazon's Kindles weren't accessible for blind students. Amazon responded this week.

Amazon announced plans to create a blind-accessible Kindle, the Daily Orange reports. The new gadget will have an audible menu and an extra large font for visually impaired users. The product should be ready by summer, Amazon says.

"I think it's a great thing they're talking about developing the Kindle further, but they haven't developed them yet," Pamela McLaughlin, Syracuse's director of communications and external relations for Syracuse's E. S. Bird Library, tells the Daily Orange. "A lot of times vendors will come out with a story like this, and then they will see that it's harder to do than they thought."

At the urging of the National Federation of the Blind, Syracuse and Wisconsin announced they would reject the use of Kindles on campus until the devices are accessible for vision-impaired users.

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