Kansas Football Coach Resigns

After internal review of accusations of misbehavior, Mangino calls it quits.

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Mark Mangino resigned from his position as head football coach at the University of Kansas last night, the University Daily Kansan reports. Last week, Mangino defended his record during the university's ongoing internal investigation of accusations that Mangino mistreated Kansas players.

Mangino, who coached at Kansas for eight seasons, quit after the school's investigation came to a close. Kansas Athletics Director Lew Perkins tells the Daily Kansan that a financial agreement was made with Mangino, but Perkins did not disclose figures. He also did not want to say what options—if any—were given to Mangino before the coach decided to resign.

Mangino was 50-48 at Kansas. He was voted coach of the year by multiple media outlets in 2007 after guiding the Jayhawks to a 12-1 record and an Orange Bowl victory.

Two assistant coaches will serve as a two-headed interim coach while Perkins conducts a national head coaching search.

"I think the future of Kansas athletics is very, very bright," Perkins tells the Daily Kansan. "I think this is a very attractive job. I wouldn't be surprised, that this is out now, that all kinds of people will be interested in the job."

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