Police Want DNA From Yale Murder Suspect's Fiancée

There are numerous reasons why police might want Jennifer Hromadka's DNA.

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The murder mystery at Yale University captured America's attention in September. We chronicled the tragic death of Yale graduate student Annie Le, who was brutally murdered in a lab facility on Yale's campus. In the latest development, investigators have asked for DNA samples from Jennifer Hromadka, the fiancée of murder suspect Raymond Clark III, the Yale Daily News reports.

Hromadka's attorney, Robert Berke, tells the Daily News that police said his client was not a suspect in September and that it is uncertain why the investigators want his client's DNA. Investigators wanted to interview Hromadka in September but never did, and she has not been arrested.

No one involved in the investigation wanted to comment on the Daily News's story, but there was evidence that Clark and Hromadka interacted between the time of the murder and Clark's arrest.

Yale reporters asked forensics experts why investigators are looking for Hromadka's DNA. Experts provided three possible scenarios.

First, the investigators may simply want to confirm where Hromadka was when the murder happened.

Second, they may want to eliminate any other suspects. American Academy of Forensic Sciences President Thomas Bohan says that investigators may have identified an unknown piece of DNA. "It may be from the fiancée, perhaps because of intimate relations, and [the police] need to eliminate that piece of evidence," Bohan tells the Daily News.

The third possibility is that there may be another unidentified victim, California Association of Criminalists President-elect Adam Dutra tells the Daily News. To get the complete picture of what happened, police like to have DNA from all possible persons who could have been at the crime scene, Dutra says.

More about the reasoning behind the investigators' DNA request will be provided by the prosecutor handling the case, the report says.

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