USC Classes Before Holiday Upset Students

Many professors just cancel Wednesday class, but the school hasn't altered its policy.

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The holidays are always a sticky issue with any college kid. When should breaks begin? How much time should they get off from school?

Well, at the University of Southern California, students are questioning the necessity of having class on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the Daily Trojan reports. The biggest quandary facing students and professors who have class on Wednesday is traveling on Thanksgiving eve. And while many professors simply cancel classes before the holiday, the university hasn't changed its policy on Wednesday classes.

"The question has certainly been raised," Gene Bickers, vice provost for undergraduate programs, tells the Daily Trojan. "But we're still trying to figure out if it is to the university's advantage if we have a short week before Thanksgiving."

One student says he had to take a Spanish quiz today, preventing him from leaving for home. The professor told students that there would not be a makeup.

"For people that need to travel and book airplanes, it's kind of a pain," the student says. "I think the university is absolutely ignoring the fact that people need to travel. One day is not enough time." 

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