Cal Students Occupy Major Berkeley Campus Building

Students continued their protests against a 32 percent fee increase across California.

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Students at the University of California–Berkeley continued the statewide protests of the University of California system's 32 percent tuition increase over the weekend.

Forty students occupied UC's Wheeler Hall on Friday, the Daily Californian reports. This came just one day after students at UCLA took over a building and barricaded themselves inside. There were similar protests at UC–Santa Cruz, too.

The Berkeley students stayed in Wheeler Hall for more than 12 hours, the report says. After speaking with administrators, student leaders, police, and faculty, the students agreed to end their protest. The 40 occupiers were arrested and cited for trespassing and then released. The Daily Californian said at least 36 of the 40 protesters were UC students.

"[Administrators] are not listening, and I feel like this was . . . a really desperate attempt to make them listen to us," one student tells the Daily Californian. "Even then, that didn't work."

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