Boyfriend and Girlfriend Both Win Rhodes Scholarships

University of North Carolina couple will attend Oxford next fall.


We talked all about Rhodes scholarships this morning here at U.S. News, from how to become a scholar to who this year's recipients were. We even mentioned Truman State University, whose Andrew McCall became the first Bulldog to receive a Rhodes scholarship.

[Slide Show: Famous Rhodes Scholars]

But one of the biggest stories from this weekend's Rhodes scholarship announcement comes from Chapel Hill, N.C., where a boyfriend and girlfriend—both UNC seniors—won two of the 32 scholarships given to American students. The two made it through the process without talking too much about the scholarships with one another, but they were excited when they realized that they'd both been selected, the Daily Tar Heel reports.

Henry Spelman, a Pennsylvania native and classics major at UNC, and Libby Longino, a Texan who majors in public policy and English, will study at Oxford University in the fall. The couple hit it off while doing research abroad in Turkey, so it's fitting that they'll continue their education together overseas next year.

"I could barely hope it would turn out this way," Longino tells the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Longino will study forced migration at Oxford. Spelman will pursue a master's in Greek and Latin.

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