GW Becomes First College to Offer Squash Scholarships

George Washington University has one of four non-Ivy squash programs.


Somewhere in TV land, Frasier and Niles Crane are extremely disappointed that they missed the boat on squash scholarships—especially when they're being offered at a brand-name school.

To attract talent through a different channel, George Washington University has started offering scholarships to squash players, the Washington Post reports. The 188-year-old university is the first school in the country to offer scholarships for squash, a game similar to racquetball.

"These are also students that happen to be outstanding academically, and it's the kind of students we want to attract to GW," Bob Chernak, the school's senior vice president of student and academic support services, tells the Post. "It's not rocket science why we're giving support."

Both men's and women's programs are offering scholarships. The sport has grown over the past few years, but many schools just have club teams, which means the teams receive very little help—if any—from the school.

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