Fairfield Student Newspaper Faces Harassment Charges

Harassment claims against the Mirrorcould cause the paper to fold.

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Three months ago, a column published by the student newspaper at Fairfield University more than ruffled some feathers. Now, because of the controversy surrounding the "He Said" column about one-night stands, the university may stop funding the Mirror .

The Mirror faces harassment charges before the Fairfield University Student Conduct Board, the Boston Herald reports. Fairfield University's dean of students, Thomas Pellegrino, told the Mirror staff that it had violated the ethical and procedural guidelines of the newspaper's funding agreement with the school, the report says.

Here's a full rundown—by the Mirror—of the situation. According to the Mirror report, staff members from the Mirror are fighting the charges, saying that an independent organization cannot and should not be subject to any judicial or disciplinary action.

"We take pride in being an independent news organization that's part of the campus community, and we feel that we need to remain independent to create an unbiased paper for students and to truly learn from the experiences we have, like this one," the Mirror's editor-in-chief, Tom Cleary, stated in the meeting with the Student Conduct Board.

Cleary also penned the Mirror's official print response to the charges.

The Student Conduct Board has yet to give Pellegrino its recommendations, and the dean is still reviewing revised policy standards against offensive and harmful language that the Mirror's editors gave to him, the Herald report says.

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