No Fine for Yale After Bladderball

New Haven officials will not pursue public disruption fines against Yale for return of infamous sport.

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In the week leading up to the Yale-Dartmouth football game, rumors buzzed that the infamous game of bladderball was making its way back to Yale's campus in New Haven, Conn. On October 10, the sport, banned by the university 27 years ago, made a roaring comeback.

More than 1,000 students were involved with the game, which involves mobs of people attempting to corral a huge beach ball to their designated areas. A street was shut down for half an hour while students pursued the ball. The game has been banned because of the tensions between town residents and the university community such disruptions create.

While the school is pursuing the planners of the event, New Haven city officials announced that they would not seek fines for public disruption, the Yale Daily News reports.

"[The] only way [fines] would be possible is if someone came down to the department or was arrested on the spot" during the game, New Haven Police Chief James Lewis tells the Daily News.

The investigation of the event's planning is underway, according to the university officials. Yale University Deputy Secretary Martha Highsmith tells the Daily News that the game is dangerous and could have been costly to the school.

"With all police officers in one place, we were very fortunate not to have had something worse happen elsewhere," Highsmith says.

No details from the school's investigation were given to the Daily News.

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