Pittsburgh City Council to 'Briefly Consider' Pitt Student Accounts of G-20 Events

A panel will analyze Pittsburgh's financial costs of hosting the G-20 summit.

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The city of Pittsburgh created a committee—the Pittsburgh City Council's new G-20 Committee—to study last month's G-20 summit and its financial costs. There's a chance more details about the dust-ups between University of Pittsburgh students and police could come out of the council's analysis.

A city official told The Pitt News that the council will "briefly consider" the accounts of University of Pittsburgh students describing G-20-related events. Some council members have even discussed starting an independent panel to discuss the scores of arrests after multiple protests in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh where Pitt, Carnegie Mellon University, and Carlow University are located, the official said.

The Pitt News report said the committee hasn't filled its roster yet, nor has it met.

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