Florida Is All Set if Zombies Invade

The university made public its response to such an invasion as part of its disaster-preparedness plans.


The University of Florida is prepared to respond to any disaster that might come its way—a hurricane, a dangerous criminal on campus, and even an onslaught of zombies—according to emergency-response plans the university posted online, the Independent Florida Alligator reports.

The section on the university's response to a zombie invasion, meant as a joke, has since been taken down. But before that happened, the Alligator got a good look at just how a large, public university would respond to "flesh-eating, apparently life-impaired individuals."

The online guide advised members of the UF community to watch zombie preparedness documentaries like George Romero's Dead series. It also advised employees on their use of weapons to defend themselves.

"Some employees may prefer weapons such as chain saws, baseball bats, and explosives that have been shown to be effective against zombies," the plan stated.

UF spokesman Steve Orlando says the zombie plan was written by an employee of the Office of Academic Technology to "add a little bit of levity" to disaster-preparation discussions. Orlando told the Associated Press that the employee was not sanctioned for his actions.

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