Berry College Student Performs Alleged Exorcism on Campus

The then resident assistant said the event took place during a nightly Bible study session.

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A former resident assistant at a small Georgia college claims to have exorcised demons from another student, the Viking Fusion reports.

Nathan Mallory, a junior at Berry College and a participant in a program for fervently religious students, told the Viking Fusion that the exorcism took place September 24 during a Bible study session he often hosts in his dorm room. Mallory says that while the Bible study participants were singing hymns, he noticed one participant—a former Berry College student who recently transferred—saying "no" repeatedly. Recognizing this as a sign of demonic possession, Mallory began to pray with the troubled student, he says.

"That's when it showed itself. Her face changed right in front of me, and the most evil, hideous grin came on her face, and her eyes seemed to turn red," Mallory says, adding that he "prayed the Holy Spirit would take over, and he did."

Though Mallory says he did not touch or restrain the student at any point during the exorcism and that she is happy now, Dean of Students Debbie Heida says a college campus is no place for an exorcism and cautioned Mallory that he could have been seeing one of many things. Heida added that Berry College removed Mallory from his position as an RA because of the event.

Some Berry students have expressed concerns about the alleged exorcism, but Mallory says he does not mind the negative feedback and cautions others who might try to take on an exorcism. "You cannot go around looking to fight Satan head-on like that," Mallory says. "If the Holy Spirit is not in control of the situation, you better be physically prepared to try to survive something."

In addition to the post about the alleged exorcism, the Viking Fusion's website features a video highlighting the debate among students over the alleged exorcism.

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