Yale Considers Workplace Safety Push

After grad student's murder and a weapons arrest on campus, Yale contemplates how to move forward.

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Tragedy brought the Yale University campus to a halt when graduate student Annie Le was brutally murdered in a Yale lab facility. An investigation resulted in the arrest of Raymond Clark, a lab technician in the same lab, and it prompted new concerns about workplace violence.

Well, during the hubbub surrounding Le's murder and the ensuing investigation, Yale University police arrested a retired Yale employee, John Petrini, when he came to campus with a rifle and a butcher knife. According to the Yale Daily News, officials believe the man's actions were related to a dispute Petrini had with Yale human resources.

So, with two significant incidents in the same month, Yale is taking action, the Daily News reports. The university published a short article in its human resources newsletter asking for suggestions on carrying out a workplace-safety campaign on campus. The campaign will aim to ensure that workplace safety remains a priority, the report says.

"It's an unfortunate occurrence that both [incidents] happened in the same time frame," Yale's Director of Human Resources and Administration Communications Hellen Hom told the Daily News. "The combination of the two just brings to light the need for more awareness."

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