With G-20 Summit Over, Pitt Students Describe Experience

Protests and riots rocked the University of Pittsburgh's campus late last week.

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Last week, the G-20 summit rolled through Pittsburgh like a tornado on the plains of Kansas, leaving behind a path of destruction. According to The Pitt News, more than 10 businesses were damaged and more than 40 people were arrested. Now, the city and its namesake university are left to pick up the pieces.

On the University of Pittsburgh's campus, students are still angry about the way police treated them during G-20 protests late last week, The Pitt News reports. Police used tear gas to disperse crowds, but The Pitt News editorial board says that more force than necessary might have been used. In fact, for possibly the first time in the United States, police used a long-range acoustic device as a weapon of last resort when protesters didn't follow commands. The LRAD emits a "piercing sound" that immobilizes those in its path. (If you've seen the show Whale Wars on Animal Planet, you are familiar with the intense power that these devices possess.)

"Several city departments" will investigate the circumstances of the arrests made at Pitt, and students who were arrested will face the university's Judicial Board. The board, which consists of undergrads, graduate students, staff, and faculty, will review the arrests and determine if any students violated the student code of conduct.