Colorado State University Releases Flu Statistics

Many students have already recovered from flulike symptoms, and none have been hospitalized.


We heard about the inevitable uptick in swine flu cases once school began again this fall. Well, it's safe to say that flu season has arrived in Fort Collins, Colo.

More than 800 students and more than 30 employees at Colorado State University have reported flulike symptoms to CSU's Health Network and the university's self-reporting website since the website went live on September 4, the Rocky Mountain Collegian reports. The story also says that more than 170 possible cases of swine flu were reported directly to the school's Hartshorn Health Center. The CDC believes that anyone with the flu most likely has the H1N1 strain, saying that "99 percent of flu-like illnesses test positive for swine flu," according to the Collegian.

Hospital authorities have encouraged people to get flu vaccines this fall as the health community prepares for the swine flu's return.