Bedbugs Shut Down a Building at John Jay

But it's not an infestation, says a college official.

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Bedbugs have caused administrators at New York's John Jay College to shut down one of the school's academic buildings, the New York Times reports.

All classes scheduled to take place in North Hall were postponed until Monday so that exterminators could work on the building. "The college is taking it seriously and moving as quickly as possible to treat the building," said Jim Grossman, a John Jay spokesman.

But he insisted the college's bedbug problem does not constitute an infestation. The college has classified the situation a "bedbug condition," according to Grossman. "Infestation is when you can see them swarming."

College staff members began reporting rashes in mid-August. In response to a growing number of reports, the college brought in an inspection team with bug-sniffing dogs. The inspectors confirmed the bedbug problem on North Hall's first and second floors. The "bed" descriptor aside, the bugs can survive in many locations, including buses, trains, and movie theaters.

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