BYU Cancels Play

Mormon university says Greek tragedy is inappropriate for BYU audience.


Move over, YouTube. There's a new problem at Brigham Young University.

The University of Utah's scheduled production of a classical Greek play at Brigham Young University was canceled at the last second by BYU officials who said its content was inappropriate for BYU students, the Daily Universe reports.

The play, Euripides's tragedy The Bakkhai, presents "difficult material," says the statement from BYU.

"The Bakkhai, on its surface, is about sex, wine, and losing one's inhibition and, at its core, is about defining god," Director Larry West told the Universe, BYU's student newspaper. "I would have loved to discuss this in the BYU setting."

But BYU's theater department apparently felt differently.

"The particular approach and concept for this production will be problematic for some of our audience members, which we felt we would like to not have," says Roger Sorensen, chairman of BYU's theater department.

Despite this year's blip, the University of Utah and BYU will continue putting on productions in the future, the report says.

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