Body Found in Search for Missing Yale Grad Student

Authorities say remains found in Yale research facility are missing grad student Annie Le's.


What started as the mysterious disappearance of a Yale graduate student last week has taken a turn for the worst. On Sunday, New Haven, Conn., police announced that they found the student's body in a Yale research facility, the Yale Daily News reports.

Annie Le, a 24-year-old doctoral student at Yale Medical School who was supposed to get married yesterday, was reported missing Tuesday. At first, reports said that no signs of foul play were found in the building where Le was last seen. But over the weekend, new details emerged.

Police found blood-stained clothes in the same facility where the body was found, and while the clothes are not Le's, police are investigating their possible connection to the case, the New Haven Register reports. There also was a fire alarm in the building at 12:40 p.m. Tuesday, roughly two hours after Le entered the building. FBI Agent Kimberly Mertz, who is in charge of the FBI in Connecticut, said that the steam that apparently tripped the alarm could have been released intentionally.

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