In Trying Times, 5 Growing Majors

The Chronicle of Higher Ed has identified five majors that have actually grown recently.

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In a time when college budgets are shrinking and college is less affordable, there are still parts of higher ed that are flourishing. The Chronicle of Higher Education identified five majors that are growing at rapid rates at colleges and universities across the country.

Service science, health informatics, computational science, sustainability, and public health are increasingly popular choices for majors, the report says.

You may not have heard of service science. That's because the major never gained traction until recently. With the service sector making up 80 percent of the economy, the report says, there's a new movement to teach students innovative ways to improve productivity in the service industry.

As healthcare needs soar and the healthcare reform debate takes the national stage, it shouldn't surprise anyone that health informatics—the use of electronic databases in medicine—and public health are growing majors. The stimulus funding for informatics development makes the field especially attractive.

As for the others, well, computational science always seems to be in demand, and with "going green" being all the rage, sustainability isn't dropping any jaws, either.

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