University of Kansas Introduces Recycling Program

Trio of groups teams up to fight KU's litter problem.

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There's a litter problem at the University of Kansas. But if a trio of campus groups has its way, that issue will be remedied quickly. All it takes is some cooperation.

KU Recycling; the Center for Sustainability; and Facilities Operations and Housekeeping have teamed up to launch the Campus Litter Reduction Campaign, which will aim to cut down the trash on campus and limit the extra work for campus housekeeping, the Daily Kansan reports.

"We want to spread awareness that it's on us to keep these rooms clean during the day," Celeste Hoins, administrative manager for KU Recycling, tells the Daily Kansan. "It's littering. We shouldn't do it on the street; why would we want to dirty up our hallways and classrooms?"

The university will attempt to make recycling and trash bins more visible to students. There will also be videos played between classes that advertise the new campaign.

"It's your stuff," says one student. "It shouldn't be anybody else's problem. This is everyone's campus, you just need to do your part and keep everything picked up."

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