Wesleyan in Lockdown After Fatal Shooting

Police search for gunman in attack they say was not random.

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Wesleyan University went into lockdown today after a shooting at a student bookstore yesterday afternoon left a 21-year-old junior dead, the Associated Press reports. Police believe the attack was not random and had at first told the student body that it was an isolated incident. Two hours later, however, officials warned students to seek shelter and said new evidence suggested the gunman was still armed and dangerous.

Since then the school's end-of-the-year concert has been canceled, students have mostly huddled in their dorms, almost all university buildings have been locked, and the local synagogue—which police fear may also be a target—was shut down.

According to the police, the victim, Johanna Justin-Jinich, had filed a harassment complaint in July 2007 against Stephen Morgan, the man police are pursuing. The two were enrolled an the same six-week program at New York University then. According to Justin-Jinich's complaint, Morgan had called her repeatedly and sent her insulting E-mails.