Colorado to Suspend Grade-Replacement Program

Students can no longer take a class again and replace their first grade with the second.

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The University of Colorado-Boulder next summer is eliminating its course repetition program, which allowed students to retake courses and retain just the second grade, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

The program allows students to retake a course in which they have performed poorly—D+ or lower for undergraduates, C+ or lower for graduate students—and replace the first grade with the second. Undergraduates are eligible to retake 10 credit hours, or two-and-a-half full courses, and graduate students may retake one course. There is no tuition credit, and if the new grade is worse than the old, it goes on the transcript anyway.

Thousands have used the program to retake classes, especially in math and science. Next year, students will still be able to retake classes, but both grades will count toward the grade-point average.