College Food Trends 2009: Local and Ethnic

Students today want pho and samosas, preferably locally grown. Twenty years ago, it was chicken nuggets.


Sodexo, the campus dining giant that provides food to more than 600 colleges, lists the top college food trends of 2009 compared with 1989.

Food trends in 2009:

  1. Locally grown fruits and veggies
  2. Crispy garlic-ginger chicken wings
  3. Mac 'n five cheeses
  4. Vietnamese pho
  5. Green tea and pomegranate smoothies
  6. Crab cake sliders
  7. Mini samosas
  8. Tilapia Veracruz
  9. Goat cheese salad
  10. Chicken molé
  11. Foods trends in 1989:

    1. Fruit and cottage cheese plate
    2. Chicken nuggets
    3. Turkey tetrazzini
    4. Chicken chop suey
    5. Egg, bacon, and cheese English muffin
    6. Half-sandwich and cup of soup
    7. Taco bar
    8. Spanish beef and rice
    9. Vegetarian bean chili
    10. Algerian lamb stew
    11. It's not clear what the methodology for this list is, but it hasn't been that long since I ate in a college cafeteria, and this looks more like a wish list than reality. Kids these days....

      Via Slashfood.