Ann Coulter Causes Stir at New Jersey

The conservative pundit prompted 50 students to plan a walkout of her campus speech.

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The College of New Jersey hosted Ann Coulter last week, and as could be expected, a trail of controversy was left in her wake. Coulter was invited by the College Republicans and gave a 45-minute speech that plugged her new book, Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America.

Thirty minutes into the speech, up to 50 students staged a planned protest, standing up, and walking out of the auditorium, a disruption that protest planners called a "great success." The speech was also preceded by an old-fashioned sign-holding and yelling protest.

The excitement, of course, did not end there. At a book signing after the event, one student was arrested for disorderly conduct, and that student is now alleging the police showed "aggression and unprofessionalism" during the arrest. Police officials say they are looking into the accusation.