Students Nationwide Begin to Protest Cuts

Minnesota, Memphis, and Chico State students have started their campaigns

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University budget cuts are a fact of life these days, but it hasn't stopped students from protesting them. A round-up of highlights:

Twenty-five people at the University of Minnesota attended a protest organized by the Socialist Alternative group Wednesday. Holding signs that read, "Education is a Right" and "Bail out Universities, not Wall Street," the activists objected to a possible tuition hike.

At the University of Memphis, a number of students tried to get a protest together, but confusion reigned. "I don't know what this is or who is orchestrating it at all," said the school's student regent to the Tennessee Board of Regents about a proposed walkout today. (Not a good sign.) The students have taken issue with the state's proposal to lift a tuition cap, which had allowed for every credit hour taken after the first 12 to be free.

Meanwhile, Chico State students aren't sitting back either. Remember Fax Day? Yup, that's back.

Don't forget: Penn State and the entire public school system in Arizona have already been there, done that.