Grad Applications Up at Some Schools

MIT, Duke, and Dartmouth report significant increases.

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Applications to a number of graduate schools around the country increased this year, sometimes significantly. Some others didn't fare so well.

  • At MIT, an admissions officer predicts total applications will be up 15 percent from last year. The figure does not include the Sloan School of Management, which has yet to report its numbers and, if it follows the trend for other business schools, promises its own impressive set of applicant growth.
  • By late January, the Thayer School of Engineering's master's and Ph.D program at Dartmouth was seeing an 18 to 20 percent jump in applicants since 2008. The parallel programs in arts and sciences saw a 6 to 8 percent increase.
  • As of January 13, Duke graduate schools had 33 percent more applicants when compared with last year. That's a total of 8,303 applications for fall 2009, the most the school has seen in 10 years (not coincidentally, the start of the dot-com bust.)
  • And as previously reported, George Washington University's grad apps are up 7 percent.</li>
  • Texas Tech reports a modest 2.7 percent increase in enrollees, while Temple and the University of Maryland have seen little change in grad apps this year.
  • Cornell's Johnson School of Business has seen applications decrease 14 percent.