Georgia Apologizes to Catholic League Over Condom Flier

A flier depicted God giving a condom to man, adapting an image from painting in the Sistine Chapel.

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The University of Georgia president has apologized to the Catholic League for an STD/birth flier that used Christian imagery to explain how to use condoms properly, the Red and Black reports. The flier features the hand of God giving a condom to man. The flier was distributed in dorms by the university health service as part of Sexual Health Awareness Week, which ended last Friday.

The poster prompted the Catholic League to write in a letter:

I understand that the University of Georgia has just finished having Sexual Responsibility Week. If condom distribution is to be part of that program, surely it can be done without needlessly offending the religious sensibilities of Catholics and Protestants.

I hasten to add that the University of Georgia would never choose a depiction of Muhammad to hawk condoms. Indeed, only a few years ago an inoffensive depiction of this Islamic figure in a Danish cartoon led to murder and churches being burned to the ground. One can only imagine what would have happened had he been portrayed pushing condoms to youth.

Upon receiving the complaint Wednesday, the Georgia president quickly apologized to the league—even though the fliers had been taken down last week.