The Best of College Newspapers Award Winners

Voting's finished. Find out who won Story of the Year, Nonstory of the Year, Newsmaker, and Best Blog

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The results are in, and I'm hoping the harassing E-mails will soon subside. This year's Best Alternative Media Outlet race was nothing short of ridiculous, and I've come to realize, once again, that college students have way too much spare time.

Check out the results:

  • Story of the Year
  • Nonstory of the Year
  • Newsmaker of the Year
  • Best Alternative Media Outlet
  • On a technical note, our extremely primitive polling tool won't let me both suspend the contest and allow you to see the results. I either have to leave it open and active or kill it completely. We're working to fix this, but as of now, you can still technically submit votes. However, I have all the final tallies saved already, and any additional votes past the clearly marked deadline will only make that entry look pathetic. And I am not afraid to call you out on it.