Best Alternative Media Outlet: Onward State

It was close there at the end, but the big state school bested the underdogs from Yale.

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Onward State has been in existence for just a couple of months, but it managed to muster thousands of votes to win this thing. These Penn Staters asked nicely, then they issued death threats, but I think the clincher was when one blogger offered to prostitute himself out as Green Man from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Whatever it was (Facebook, families, a giant student body, a legitimately good blog), Onward State eked through at the end with 24.76 percent of the vote.

I'm also loath to omit the impressive, and sometimes scary, fervor Yale's Timothy Dwight blog brought to the contest. It was leading for much of the contest and ended up in second place with 18.94 percent of the vote. I have never received as much voter fraud commentary from one publication as I did from the Timothy Dwight blog, so you guys definitely win that prize.

I'm particularly impressed at how a small, 400-person dorm could muster thousands of votes, but I was told it was done as honestly as possible, with bloggers reaching out to alumni and interested parties in 51 different countries around the world. Very nice effort. Now, please stop E-mailing me.

The TD blog even held a results party. Probably not as interesting as November 4, but adorable nonetheless.

And yes, I recognize the inherent unfairness of pitting a blog from a giant state school against blogs from smaller schools or, say, one dorm, but I have yet to come up with an elegant solution to the problem. This is the way it works, and I certainly did not choose which school you went to.

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