Boston College Hangs Crucifixes in All Classrooms

The Jesuit college expands its commitment to displaying all types of Christian art.

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As part of its president's plan to promote Christian art throughout Boston College, the Jesuit college's campus has been adorned with banners, mosaics, and statues—and most recently and controversially, crucifixes hanging above the chalkboard in every classroom, the BC Heights reports.

While top administrators seem to all be on board, citing "our pride in and our commitment to our religious heritage," others worry the crosses send a mixed message of inclusiveness.

One professor said: "Boston College has become a highly respected world-class university. At the same time, the university provided opportunities for students to deepen their commitment to Catholicism, to Catholic-Jesuit values, and religious sensitivities. Placing Catholic iconography in classrooms undermines the successful efforts of Boston College to be a university that welcomes all students, faculty, and staff."

While another wrote: "I was proud to read in the Institutional Master Plan that my institution is committed 'to becoming the leader in liberal arts education among American universities.' It seems to me, however, that the mounting of religious artifacts on the walls in campus classrooms will almost certainly reduce the ability of Boston College 'to achieve the quality and reputation we seek, to achieve the diversity of perspectives that are essential to the fullness of our intellectual and cultural life, and to fulfill the commitment to our students to prepare them for citizenship, service, and leadership in a global society.' " he said, quoting text from the Institutional Master Plan.

Not all professors oppose the crosses, and most have opted not to weigh in on the issue.