Columbia Has Highest Black Freshman Percentage

Brown and Cornell at bottom of Ivy League, and Amherst has highest percentage of liberal arts colleges.

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The Brown Daily Herald points out that Brown has one of the lowest black freshman enrollments in the Ivy League, with its 6.7 percent black freshman population just beating Cornell's 4.5 percent black enrollment. According to a study by the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, Columbia boasts the highest black freshman enrollment percentage (12.1 percent) for the top-ranked national universities, while Amherst has highest ratio for liberal arts colleges at 11.2 percent.

Top 5 black freshman enrollment at highest-ranked national universities:

  1. Columbia (12.1 percent)
  2. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (10.8 percent)
  3. Stanford University (10.5 percent)
  4. Duke University (10.1 percent)
  5. Yale University (10 percent)
  6. Top 5 black freshman enrollment at highest-ranked liberal arts colleges:

    1. Amherst College (11.2 percent)
    2. Williams College (10.4 percent)
    3. Swarthmore College (10.2 percent)
    4. Wellesley College (10.1 percent)
    5. Haverford College (9.5 percent)