Cheyney Bans Parties After Brawl

1,000 gathered for party that led to one hospitalization and four disorderly conduct citations.


A Saturday night brawl at Cheyney University in Pennsylvania that led police to use Tasers and pepper spray to subdue the crowd has prompted university officials to temporarily ban all on-campus parties, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

According to police and witnesses, students from two neighboring schools had been invited to the fraternity party, and around 1,000 people showed up to enter a venue that accommodates only 300. Just after midnight, fighting broke out, and campus security called the state police. One person was hospitalized, and four others were cited for disorderly conduct.

Several videos of the melee were posted on YouTube, "including one that showed a man who was repeatedly kicked in the head while he was lying on the ground." That video has since been taken down from YouTube.

The school's president suspended all parties until the incident could be investigated.