Michigan Governor to Propose Tuition Freeze

In Tuesday's speech, she will offer additional funding to public universities that don't raise tuition.

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Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm will propose a tuition freeze for the state's public universities such as Michigan State and the University of Michigan in her State of the State address Tuesday, the State News reports. Schools that comply with the freeze would receive additional funding to offset the lost revenue.

That funding would most likely come from the $6 billion set aside for higher education in the federal economic stimulus plan.

"We are hoping and expecting that universities will realize, as we do, that in these very tough economic times, we need to protect our citizens and their pocketbooks," said a Granholm spokeswoman. "If the universities honor that request, we would reward them with economic stimulus funds that would be coming from Washington."

The exact amount going to universities hasn't been determined because the details of the stimulus package have yet to be nailed down.