Michigan Could Allow More Sophomore Transfer Students

Michigan residents who need the relief of in-state tuition may see more transfer options.


University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman plans to loosen transfer student restrictions, because of the rocky state economy, the Michigan Daily reports. The school plans to "pay attention" to the possibility that it could see an influx of residents who attend pricey out-of-state colleges returning to Michigan in search of lower tuition costs.

Coleman said the university usually does not accept a large number of sophomore transfers but that she could make exceptions this year. "If there was a student who had somehow looked at Michigan and been admitted a year ago but decided to go to Dartmouth, and now because of family circumstances or whatever said, 'Hey, can I come back to Michigan?' we wanted to make sure that we were paying attention to those students," she said.

Students who had applied to Michigan before and were already admitted are more likely to be approved for transfers. However, students who did not apply in the past may have a harder time. "I think the more difficult case is the high school student who, for whatever reason, did not apply to Michigan, went out of state, now wants to come back, and has never applied here before," Provost Teresa Sullivan said. "That's a student for whom we have to look at everything."