5 Greek Organizations at Dartmouth Face Social Probation

Sanctions for three of the groups stem from incidents at fall formals.

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Five Greek organizations at Dartmouth may face social probation after a series of disciplinary hearings, several of which stemmed from incidents that occurred at the organizations' fall formals, the Dartmouth reports.

The Sigma Delta sorority and the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity were both put on probation for four weeks, and banned from hosting off-campus formals for two terms. The Dartmouth reports that Sigma Delta's sanctions stemmed from disorderly conduct charges levied by the college during a fall formal, where some students were escorted out by security officers, several students got sick in the bathrooms, and the site of the event was left in disarray. A Sigma Delta officer told the paper the sorority was unaware they were expected to clean the site. Sigma Phi Epsilon is filing an appeal for their probation.

The Delta Delta Delta sorority also faces sanctions for fall formal-related incidents, while the Kappa Kappa Kappa and Chi Heorot fraternities also face probation hearings for unrelated events. Tri-Delt is deciding whether to appeal the sanction, and Tri-Kap said they might not be responsible for the charges against them. Chi Heorot declined to comment for the Dartmouth's story.