Illinois State Faculty to Get Pay Raises

Salary hike isn't groundbreaking, but at least not all schools are cutting everything in sight.


At Illinois State , about half its faculty members can expect midyear salary hikes, from 0.5 to 6.2 percent, the Daily Vidette reports. Is this finally some good college fiscal news? Sort of, except that ISU is just doing its best to boost its already below-average salaries. The salary hikes are part of a multiyear campaign to catch up in faculty pay. Just four years ago, ISU salaries for full professors were 14 percent below the national average. Now they're 10 percent below. Similarly, associate professors were 10 percent below the average, and now they're behind by 6 percent. The program will cost the school $900,000 for the year and has been budgeted for $3 million over the past three years.