Ohio State's Black Fraternities and Sororities on Social Moratorium

Governing body placed ban in November after "multiple incidents of violence."


All seven Greek organizations catering to black students at Ohio State are on "social moratorium" imposed by the National Pan-Hellenic Council at OSU until February because of violence at a fraternity party in November, the Lantern reports.

An official from NPHC at OSU, the umbrella governing organization of the school's four black fraternities and three sororities, said the moratorium was a result of "multiple incidents of violence within the NPHC community" in November. The Lantern points to at least one incident that followed the OSU-Michigan football game in November where firearms were allegedly involved.

Although some members are worried that the ban on social activities will cut the black Greek system off from the rest of the community, as well as affect fundraising, none of the member organizations have spoken out against the move. "Agree or disagree, everyone has supported and abided by the moratorium," said an NPHC official.