Brandeis Discusses Increasing Class Size, Reducing Faculty

Budget has faculty brainstorming dramatic ways to stay afloat.


In a dramatic response to its current budget situation, Brandeis University discussed a significant revamp to its arts and sciences curriculum at an emergency faculty meeting this week, the Justice reports. The proposed changes include consolidating 43 majors and 47 minors into fewer interdisciplinary meta-majors, establishing a summer semester, increasing the number of undergraduates by 12 percent (to raise revenue from tuition), and reducing the number of faculty by 10 percent.

Faculty also considered establishing a business major and an engineering program in order to attract more prospective students.

The faculty meeting was one of the best-attended in recent memory, but students weren't too happy when they realized they were not invited (typically, the meetings are open). A number of students eventually protested, demanding more input in the possible curriculum changes and later drawing police to the scene.