College Students Prepare for Inauguration

Many are traveling to D.C.; others are just thankful classes have been suspended during the festivities.

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Inauguration weekend is upon us. A peek at what that means for the generally Obama-loving college set.

For schools in D.C., the message is "brace for impact." Georgetown's Hoya warns of traffic delays and massive connectivity and cellphone problems. George Washington University's Hatchet ponders inaugurations of past and writes about one of GW's own professors, who warns of a massive "potty parity." The law professor is warning that the district's 5,000 portable toilets are not properly allocated for men and women. "Having the same number of facilities for men and women does not gather equal results," Prof. John Banzhaf said. "Failure to equalize this disparate treatment might rise to sexual discrimination suits."

Away from the capital, other colleges are honoring the festivities in their own ways. Plenty of schools are offering viewing parties, while the University of Virginia is going so far as suspending classes between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to ensure students can watch the inauguration on TV. The Kentucky provost has asked professors to be flexible with classes on Tuesday, and even Harvard acquiesced to student demands to reschedule final exams.

Then there are the brave students who are leaving the comfy confines of campus and heading to the nation's capital. At the very least, Ohio State, Michigan State, Florida A&M, Indiana State, and the University of Georgia will be represented somewhere in the din, whether they see Obama or not. "Everyone's going to be so pumped that it's just going to be electricity," said one Michigan State senior. "Whether you can see anything or not, you can just feel it."