Layoffs at Syracuse, Miami U., and Boston U.

More budget problems for more schools

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Syracuse University laid off 48 employees last week and eliminated 71 vacant positions in order to account for $8 million in budget cuts.

The Miami University Board of Trustees said 100 employees will need to be let go, either via buyouts or layoffs, to balance the budget.

Boston University faces a $10 million budget gap. President Robert Brown told students the existing hiring freeze and hold on construction projects are likely not enough to cover the gap caused by an increase in financial aid applications and a total endowment decrease of 24.1 percent since the end of June. Brown said there will likely be layoffs but offered few other details.

Ohio University is discussing a wage freeze for the entire university. Up for debate: whether to include those earning under $30,000 in the freeze.

Bowling Green State also previously announced 43 layoffs.