Stanford Rejects SAT Score Choice

The university will continue to consider all SAT scores, not just the one an applicant selects.


Stanford has rejected the College Board's new Score Choice program, which would allow students to pick which SAT scores to send to colleges, the Stanford Daily reports. Stanford said it will not participate in the program and will continue to consider all of an applicant's SAT scores.

"We want to discourage students from taking the SAT more than once or twice and believe that programs like Score Choice encourage applicants with resources to take the SAT excessively to improve their scores," the admissions director said.

Harvard and the University of Chicago have accepted the policy, while USC, the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and Pomona continue to require all scores.

Inside Higher Ed, meanwhile, tackles all angles of the issue, even including a conspiracy theory about the College Board's "two-faced approach" that has the organization assisting admissions deans while being purposefully opaque with students.