New School President Chased Down by Students

A two-day protest comes to an exciting end.

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Protesting New School students heightened their overnight protest on Thursday and ended up in a foot chase with President Bob Kerrey. The New York Times writes:

A little after 11:30 p.m., Mr. Kerrey emerged from a university building on Fifth Avenue south of 14th Street to a sea of a few hundred protesters chanting for his resignation. As Mr. Kerrey walked down Fifth Avenue toward 12th Street, about 30 protesters began following him, some of them shouting insults.

As the crowd's pace quickened, so did Mr. Kerrey's. Then, Mr. Kerrey, who lost a part of his leg in Vietnam and wears a prosthesis, broke into a run. The protesters gave chase. Mr. Kerrey turned left on a cross street and ducked into a brownstone.

At some point in the confrontation, a protester threw a tomato at Mr. Kerrey.

The demonstration began Wednesday evening. The students have demanded the ouster of Kerrey and a number of other top officials. Kerrey, a former U.S. senator, has been criticized over his management style, his nonacademic background, and turnover in the New School's provost office.