Penn State Police Try to Control Rose Bowl Ticket Sale

Despite a plan to prevent students from camping out, scene quickly became "unruly."

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Hundreds of Penn State students rushed to the Bryce Jordan Center Saturday morning to buy Rose Bowl tickets, a scene that "quickly turned unruly" and prompted overwhelmed staff to call the police, the Daily Collegian reports.

As part of a scheme to keep the ticket allotment process "fair and safe," the athletic department's ticketing office announced the location of the first-come, first-served ticket sale just 90 minutes before they went live. Regardless, students still camped out for the 2,000 or so allotted tickets in front of predicted sites while hundreds had already lined up just 10 minutes after the announcement.

At least one student found himself caught in the door when it was opened, and police reported "a couple incidents" but would not elaborate. According to the Daily Collegian, university police learned the location of the sale at the same time as students.

"It was completely unsafe," said one student. "I can't believe they actually thought this would work. I can't believe more people didn't get hurt."